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India Point

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Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8

I am a 99% firefox user – and use Internet Explorer only in 1% cases (like internet banking sites – that would not allow any other browser to function properly).

Consequently I had firefox most updated version – 3.0.10, and IE at ver 6

At anyday firefox seemed to be a better browser.

However I updated to IE version 8. And I find –

1) Internet Explorer loads much faster than Firefox
2) Internet Explorer opens websites much faster than firefox (very surprising for me!)
3) IE 8 looks much sleek and professional (and cleaner) than firefox.

I would definitely say – try it out.

Posted by: anup | April 30, 2009

Effective Habits

Recently came across: 10 Effective Habits

One of the points which is often not thought about has been pointed out in this. viz.

8. Say, “No thank you” to family and friends who want to give you their excess.: If your parents or friends are downsizing or moving and offer to give you a number of household items, don’t take them into your home unless you love them and will use them immediately.

This is a very practical piece of advice – not really to hurt anyone – but to keep oneself effective.

Often for emotional reasons we keep things given to us – which in real terms are simply useless. To keep ourselves effective we should without offending anyone learn to say no to freebies or used freebies.

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DNS Woes

Well – I tried to experiment with nameservers and dns. Now I find that my site cannot be accessed and the browser gives error message.

However I find I can access it through Google mobile browser through Google. Dont know whether this is the cache or what.

I only hope that the nameservers resolve themselves and the website is back again in proper shape.

(I dont also have any recent backup – backups are three months old)

Lesson learnt (once again): Dont tinker with something which is working properly.

Posted by: anup | April 29, 2009

The Image of GT Road

The image that is reproduced below was taken in February 2007. It is image of GT Road at Durgapur (WB) on a misty and smoggy mild winter morning.

GT Road at Durgapur Feb 2007

GT Road at Durgapur Feb 2007

I would gradually be putting up images and photographs of different places visited by me on this blog – to keep it up as a place of remembrance and also sharing the good things of life.

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